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WOW - the Woof-a-Thon is almost here

Next Saturday Chinook Park will go to the dogs!!  

This will be the biggest gathering of celebrities since Pat Boone came to Ocean Shores!!  Some names you will recognize are Spot, Rex, Max, Rusty, Princess and more!  Yes, it’s all for the dogs, and the money raised by pledge sheets will modernize the dog kennels.  So please grab a sheet, and ask friends, relatives, work partners, neighbors, and even strangers to throw in a few bucks for a good cause.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is, and there will be prizes for different levels of pledges you bring in.  It really makes it more fun for you to see how much you can bring in.  $100 will get the full cow bell announcement to show our gratitude!

So - don’t miss this fun day with lots of dogs, and people too.  Chinook Park starting at 9:30 SATURDAY, August 25.  We’ll be looking for you!

Wilma Spike, chairman.

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